Monday, September 1, 2008

Thanks to those who share their stories

At this time, since I shared some of my story, I would like to share some of my fears and frustrations. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one afraid of the vigilantes out there. When my husband's picture first appeared on the registration list on the Internet, I couldn't sleep at night. every sound I had to was hard for me to be alone at night. Just as it was getting better, our hick town's little newspaper, decided to use a full page to report every sex offenders name and address. I've read about the vigilantes who prey on sex offenders. We are small town Delmarva and I could just see some red neck get his buddies loading up in his pick up and start working on the list. Like I said...the witch hunt continues. People do not realize that those names on that list contain names of men (and women) who may be innocent, who may have made one mistake in life and have been paying every since, have families who love them. My husband was innocent and through federal officials cover ups, he paid for it with 20 years of his life behind bars. He continues to pay every single day since he was released. It does not matter that he has had not one infraction of any kind. He has been a model parolee. But he has an A..hole for a probation officer who continues to try to find ways to get him back in prison. He has made my husband go to a sexual offenders counseling program for the last 7 years. (It was a 2 year program) And my husband must continue to go 2 times a month. He was out of work for 11 months because his parole officer has put so many restraints on him that as a CDL driver, it was hard to find work. Every time he goes to a parole termination hearing, they continue him on supervised parole...their reasoning...He does not feel any remorse for what he did. Remorse? they want him to say he was guilty of a crime he did not commit. They consider him still a threat to society because of that. Our night mare continues...but that will be another day.

Thank you everyone who visited and left their stories. I was sooooooo excited to get comments.

What are your fears and frustrations? Please share.


There Is Beauty in the Breaking Blog said...


Great to see another support for women who have chosen to stay with their husbands. I also have a blog sharing my story and I added a link on my blog to yours so people could pop over and read your story as well. Here is a link so you can check out my blog:


MSLGWCEO said...

I added, "Maryland Citizens For Sex Offender Justice,' on my list of web sites and blogs here

Anonymous said...

Dee, I can relate to your recent post.
I live in the same fear of the internet and vigilantes. They could attack him as he sleeps in the car. They could spray paint pervert or some other horrible thing on the car as he sleeps. Who knows what all these people could be capable of. And yes there are people who are innocent. There are people who have made one mistake. They shouldn't have to pay with the rest of their lives. I am not saying that it was okay. I am saying that there should be a limited time for registration and the like. Thank you for this site. Please keep up the good work...I need it.

Chelsie Genova said...

Hello my name is chelsie my husband is currently serving time in Colorado doc i have been looking for support to help me get through this I'm more of the kinda person that would rather talk on the phone if anyone is willing please call me 970 620 3434