Saturday, September 6, 2008

Daily Chores

I'm in the process of doing my daily/weekly chores. I know, everyone has chores but mine may be a little different than yours. I began my day by copying 7 sets of a legal brief that included 6 exhibits. Not only did I copy but I collated them, placing the "exhibit" divider between the correct exhibits. Then I started my e-mail reviews, checking all my sites for new information. I have also contacted "Dr. Phil" again and will eventually get to elected officials, newspapers, news stations and TV stations. My husband and I talked the other day and decided to see if his lawyer from years ago would be interested in one of his legal issues for a percentage of the settlement. My husband doesn't have the time needed to get it done in a timely fashion while working as a CDL driver, away from home for hours. We were afraid, once submitted, that we would miss deadlines, etc. You see, many of his legal issues, my husband handles himself. Like most men who spent time in prison, he used their education benefits. He took a lot of courses related to law and criminal justice.

Of course, later today, it will be time to take our son to the vet. Because he is a Belgium shepherd, he is classified as belonging to the shepherd family. I did not know that shepherds were prone to anal fissures. I knew about hip problems, so he gets a daily dose of glucosamine. Well, anyway, our son was extremely sick a while back. He had an anal fissure that became infected. So after $700 , he was on a treatment of 4 doses of different medications (some twice a day), a twice daily butt wash and ointment, and twice daily ear drops. The cause? Allergies. So now he is on allergen free food, treats and a daily medication that costs $135 a week. We are hoping his medicine will be decreased or stopped because he is so much better. And his energy level is high, acting like a pup. Ever had a 110 pound pup? I am so glad we both work full time with good paying jobs...but he is part of the family and it is our responsibility to not only love him, feed him, care for him but to ascertain he is in good health.

So, how is your day? I hope you are staying dry. Its raining hard here and very windy due to the effects of a hurricane hitting the coast.

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The Dragon said...

My day went a little like yours, checked the email, followed up on a couple of articles then packed up the computers and two 'daughters' (well, if you can have a shepherd son, I have to mixed 'race' daughters :) ) and headed up the road about 150 miles to get out of the path of Ike (did you really think Hannah was bad, you didn't see anything!) 24 hours later, I'm back at home and thank god it's still there.

Keep up the good work and my girls say to tell your son "HI!!"