Friday, September 26, 2008

Sorry, Haven't written for a while

My life has been kind of hectic. Hurt my back at work, had an x-ray, found out I have a T12 fracture of the vertebrae. Had bone density osteoporosis. So how did I get this fracture? My doc doesn't seem to think I got it when I hurt my back at work. But that's the only time I've ever had any trauma to my back. So between, light duty work (you know they don't let you have any missed days when its worker's comp), going to physical therapy and surfing the web for any new ridiculous laws they are trying to pass concerning sex offenders...I've been rather busy.

Any way, my husband is up to his eyeballs with legal stuff...he loves to sock it to them. And its coming along. No further visits from our favorite (LOL) a#* hole PO. No further incidents with the Sheriff's things are going well.

My husband and I were talking the other night about this fantasy town. One that is owned and governed by sex offenders. No visitors allowed unless you register..including parole officers, state officials, etc. We'd have our own businesses, own government, make our own laws. Could walk the streets without fear of retaliation. How cool does that sound? He said we'd probably be such a rich town that so many non sex offenders would want to come live there. And he's probably right. We'd be working for something that is ours...and will have to prove to the outside community that we are not the slime balls that they think we are. would have to be a town somewhere where it is warm. I hate snow and cold. Have any of you ever dreamed of such a place? Where our kids could go to school without being judged or made to feel ashamed? Where you could work where you want without fear of a criminal background check or the topic of sex offender registration? I have and I love the idea...Our own special town with its own very special townspeople. People like you who want to make a difference in their lives. Oh well...its nice to dream? And how have you been? Any dreams or fantasies that you can share? Keep it clean please!!!!


Matthew said...

Morning Dee!! Yeah, Im not sure about that idea. Sounds good, but I can't imagine anyone with no sex crimes on their record ever wanting to go there. And raising Kids there? I mean I may be an RSO myself, but I wouldn't want to raise my kids around hundreds of other RSOs, many of whom are certainly true predators. I was reading something online today somewhere about why can't each individual RSO submit to physical TESTING to PROVE where their sexual interests are, thereby, (In theory anyway), separating the true pedophiles from the regular people who had inappropriate relationships, and especially the wrongly convicted, as is your man. This to me would seem to be the only way to actually separate the truly dangerous and deviant RSOs from the rest of them that certainly don't need all this stupid legislation. Anyway, that's the way I'd go if I could, because I know who I am. What do you think?

Dee said...'re right. Sounds like the true fairy tale but once its pcked apart, you find things wrong. Course there would be stricter laws about anyone messing with anyone else's wives, girlfriends, or kids...but just a fairy tale with a happy ending...Your idea sounds ok but I can see it being taken too far and the results tainted to make everyone look like they are true. Just like when my husband took the polygraph...before he ever went in, his lawyer told him that they were going to say the results would say that he was lying...and he was right...why would the government pay for a test unless they were positive they would get the answers that they wanted? and the only way to do that was have the tester in their back pocket...There is no justice and no one seems to care that its wrong...Why should they? It's just Sex offenders. So we have got to all get together and be heard as one voice..thousands of voices all saying the same thing at the same time will get their attention. Until that happens, each of us as individuals are just drops in a bucket.

matthew said...

Yes of course your right Dee. And we are getting closer!!! It's not gonna be long until we will be heard with one voice, the websites all over the web are coming together and being organized it seems. Not too much longer hopefully!!!!

Kelly said...


I agree with Matthew - not sure about your idea.

I find it a very hard line to walk fighting for sex offender rights as some offenders are truly sick people who should be kept away from children at all costs. You are in a unique position that you have proof your husband is innocent. But for those truly sick individuals, there should be strict laws. The hard part about all of this is to be able to discern who is really getting better and who is not. I'm going to go back and read again - but have you addressed this in your blog? Should there be different restrictions for different people and who decides who is different.

Here in Vermont a few months ago a man who had been a sex offender before - who had 'completed' sex offender treatment. Had met and married a woman and had been released from probation, kidnapped, raped, killed, and buried in his back yard a 13 year old girl. People thought he was 'recovered' (for lack of a better descriptive word)and he was not and a little girl died because of it.

My husband is a sex offender - I have chosen to stay with him and try to eventually work things out, but I'm not sure I am ready to fight for any more rights for him. When I get frustrated about what we are going through I try to remember the heart of people making the laws is to protect children.

Guess I am just rambling. Thanks for listening.


Dee said...

I appreciate your post, Kelly. Like I told Matthew, it was a fantasy and providing everything was a perfect world. There are a few evaluations that claim to know when someone is getting better and can give the percentage of probability of re-offending. It may be a good tool if it is actually given. My husband was supposed to have been given this evaluation. But when we requested his medical records and finally obtained a partial copy of his records,we found so much fraud and forgery in his records. A total of 12 evaluations were supposed to have been given to him through his sex offender program. Out of the 12 he might have had 2. Neither were the one that would calculate his re-offense probability. (Going on the assumption that they believe he is guilty). I think I stated it before in my blog...that fraud and forgery is under investigation by the state so I can't talk too much about that. Unfortunately, even with such a tool, there is no true way to decide. Do we give the benefit of the doubt...or do we continue to crcify all for a few who may re-offend? That is a hard question. Thanks for your input...

Dee said...

PS..sorry meant to say crucify but my fingers were working faster than my brain.