Friday, October 16, 2009

A Friend's Story: I am a wife of a Sex Offender

A friend asked me to post her story. It is a scary world out there and this story shows that even the most harmless act can cause a sex offender to be forced back to prison.





Monday, August 24, 2009

Sex Offender framed by Fed. Judge Thomas M. Coffin when he was a U.S Attorney

Thomas M. Coffin, A Federal Judge in Oregon, framed a man for murder and rape when he was a United States Attorney. Not only did he frame this man but he asked the judge to give this man 2 life sentences and to have this man surgically castrated. How did he frame this man? Being the prosecutor on the case, Coffin, withheld evidence that would prove the man's innocence. Coffin also introduced circumstantial evidence that were obtained through an illegal search and seizure due to the fact that the search warrant had never been executed. Let me say before I give you the story, that before this man went on trail for the murder/rape, he was offered a plea bargain: A Guilty plea and he would do no more than 7 years in prison and he would be eligible for parole in 24 hours (He had already spent more than 1 year in prison because he would not let his parents put their home up for bond.) He was offered the plea bargain 3 times, and turned it down each time stating "I am innocent!" Let it also be known, that after his 3rd trial, the trial that finally got a verdict, it was overheard that several jurors questioned "Why wasn't he found with blood on him?" "She was beat, so why didn't any close ups of this man at the time of his arrest show any bruising, wounds ?". Then years later, it was found out that there was a statistician among the jurors who had convinced all the jurors of this man's guilt by "running the numbers."

Read on:

I wish to tell you a true story of the cover up by federal officials and prosecutors of evidence, an illegal search and seizure, conveniently destroyed evidence precluding DNA exoneration, and eliminating certain government witnesses. These facts are supported by:

Victim photos/crime scene photos
Crime scene investigation notes
Trial transcripts
FBI Reports
Forensic Reports
Tape Recordings of investigation

The actions of federal officials are no different than those committed by the prosecutor in the Duke University Case.

The case that I am about to tell you reflects not a pursuit for justice- but a sating of career ambitions and appeasement of the Mexican Government. It will also tell how not one but two suspects were investigated. One suspect, Michael Kennedy, my husband of 2 years, was employed by the Federal Protective Services in San Diego, California. His job was akin to local police officers duties except on a federal level. Michael has no history of sexual mis-conduct, no history of violence and was living with his parents at the time. His only crime was that he smoked “Kool” brand cigarettes. The other suspect, R.B., who was also a federal protective officer. He had applied for a US customs position that Michael had ultimately received. R.B. had a history of sexually abusive behavior, pornography, and a history of violence and disciplined for making sexual remarks to children. R.B. also had a brown belt in Karate-strangulation could have been caused by a karate chop to the throat- and a former motorcycle gang member. Two witnesses were not allowed to testify. One was R.B.’s girlfriend who was going to testify about his tendency to violence behavior and his sexually abusive behavior. The other one was a female colleague who was going to testify that R.B. had asked her out, when she denied, he stated: “You think you’re going to end up like the other one? You are as dumb as she was!” To a woman, this is threat. It signifies that he may have asked Maria for sexual favors, and when she turned him down, he proceeded to take those favors by force. Interestingly still, despite R.B.’s history, and the fact that he was “O” positive blood type, the investigation on him did not continue as 1) he did not smoke 2) he was a secretor.

On Friday Nov. 23, 1979, Josephine Felix, a resident of Corcoran, California, drove to Tijuana, Mexico, for the purpose of smuggling her sister-in-law, Maria Lopez deFelix, into the United States. Maria was in the trunk of her car and at the Port of Entry in San Ysidro. A customs inspector discovered Maria and turned the two women over to the Immigration Officer for questioning. Both were photographed, and put into separate cells. Around 1:30 a.m. on November 24. Maria was released. She was pointed toward a set of double doors behind which a corridor would take her back to Mexico. Passing through the double doors, Maria encountered Michael Kennedy, who was just returning from the cafeteria. As Maria appeared lost, and Kennedy not knowing any Spanish at the time, he escorted her over to Customs Inspector Clooney, who directed her towards the corridor to Mexico.

On Monday, November 26, 1979, around 10:00 a.m., some thirty three hours after Maria was ordered back to Mexico, she was found murdered in an alleyway behind the Old Customs Building at the Port of Entry. She appeared to have been beaten, raped and strangled. Investigation disclosed that she had been murdered in the Old Customs Building. In the surrounding area, investigators found pieces of Maria’s gold chain, a torn tassel from her shawl, a slip of paper containing the address of Maria’s aunt, and Maria’s gold-plated religious medallion. Her shoes and purse were found hidden in the toilet tank of one of the adjoining cells. Investigators also came across several “Kool” brand cigarette butts and pieces of masking tape.
Michael Kennedy became a suspect because he was one of only two people on duty that night that had possessed a key to the pad-locked gate to the area that the murder occurred, and because he smoked “Kool” brand cigarettes. Michael was scheduled to work from 12 midnight on Saturday Nov. 24 to 8 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 25, 1979. He routinely walked as part of his patrol the area where the murder had occurred. After his first 2 trials ended in hung juries, Michael was convicted at a third trial of the rape and murder of Maria Lopez deFelix and sentenced to 2 life sentences. (Thank God Coffin did not get the other he demanded: Castration!)

Time of death is crucial to the guilt or innocence of Michael Kennedy as Maria was found on Nov.26, 1979 at 10 a.m. Dr. Thomas Naguchi, an expert witness for the defense and Chief Medical Examiner for L.A. County, testified that the victim died 4-6 hours before she was found. The key here is that the close ups of the victim’s face were not released as evidence at any of Michael’s trials to substantiate Dr. Naguchi’s testimony. The victim did not have any fly larvae deposited in her eyelids at the time her body was discovered. Per Dr.Naguchi, fly larvae would have been deposited in the victim’s eye lids 4-6 hours after death. Counting back the hours, Michael was not at work when her death occurred. For the prosecution, Dr. Luibel, Chief medical examiner of San Diego County, placed time of Death 24-36 hours before she was found. Thus, the with-holding of the victim’s close ups of her face was necessary by the prosecution to get a conviction.

Another example is the removal of former FBI Special Agent Frederick Wallace after his testimony as an expert witness as a hair identification expert for the government. Agent Wallace’s testimony was contrary to the government’s case. He testified at Michael’s first trial that the four or so hair strands found at the crime scene did not match Michael’s hair. Special Agent Wallace was unavailable to testify at Michael’s 2nd and 3rd trials due to “medical” problems. Another FBI hair expert was consulted who testified that they could have been Michael’s hair.

The other evidence that was submitted was the result of an illegal search and seizure. This is just further demonstrated to the lengths that federal officials were willing to go to obtain a conviction. The search warrant was never executed. Rather, FBI agents Jerry L. Barnett, Kenneth A. Vardell, and James M. Bird, told Michael’s parents, that they had a warrant and would need to search the house. During this search, they seized one uniform jacket, uniform pants, uniform shirts, shoes, pocket knife and a roll of masking tape.

Other evidence not released during trial:
2 separate FBI investigative reports placing time of death 8-10 hours before body was found
An investigative page from Special Agent Kenneth Vardell that reflected:
Blood grouping analysis of a bloody tissue at the crime scene was “O” positive
Blood grouping analysis of the victim was Type “A” positive
Blood grouping analysis of Michael Kennedy was Type “A” positive.

Information on the testing done for secretor/non-secretor (a secreter secretes his blood type in his semen, a non-secretor does not). It was found that since the victim had not bathed nor changed her panties for more than 24 hours, that would result in the natural build up of bacteria. Couple that with the build up from the urine that was excreted at the time of death, destroys the ability to identify a secretor from a non-secretor. Further note that all possible body fluids were accidentally destroyed by other evidence collection processes and could not be used later for DNA testing as it was unavailable in 1979.

I need to also point out, that during his investigation and trials, the Federal Officials investigated Michael with the rape and murder of Ramona Hernandez in San Diego. They seized his car and demolished it while searching for evidence. They found blood, which turned out to be canine. The previous owner of the car when questioned stated that her dog had been hurt and bleeding and she used her car to transport the dog to the vet. Several witnesses’ testimonies and time of death made it clearly evident that Michael did not commit that crime. That murderer, too, has never been found, as once again, the federal officials spent so much time and energy in trying to also convict my husband of it.

For years after his conviction, my husband continues to claim his innocence and continues to fight for justice. All of his appeals go unheard. The most recent denial: Judge Larry Adam Burns, U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of California, issued an order barring the filing of any document related to the criminal conviction of Michael Edward Kennedy, to preclude any inquiry into the actions of his former colleague and long time friend- Thomas M. Coffin, now a federal judge in Oregon. Coffin was the prosecutor, along with FBI Special Agents Barnett, Vardell, and Bird, did not notify the court that the items involved in the search and seizure were obtained illegally without the execution of a search warrant.

My husband has been very cooperative: underwent 4 polygraphs, submitted his blood for the national DNA data base and never once has violated the conditions of his parole. He was released in 2000 after serving 20 years in Federal Prisons all around the United States. Federal Prisons transfer their prisoners every 2-5 years to another prison. He continued to go to his psychological counseling that was ordered by his parole officer since 2000 in the Sexual Offender Program. Normally, the counseling is only for 2 years, but the PO, in his attempts to break Michael down, forced him to go 2 x month. (The counseling is currently suspended as Eastern Shore Psychological Services refuse to see Michael since he is suing them) Every parole hearing, he has attempted to be taken off supervised parole. The last one he was turned down was in Dec. 2008. Their reasoning being:

1. He is currently appealing his sex registration. (Under Maryland law he is not required to register as his conviction was prior to 1997.)
2. He has not been currently employed for 3 years. (He was laid off from work in Aug. 07 and began a new employment in July 2008)
3. He has not been at his residence for 3 years. (This is an error. He has had the same residence for 5 years)

I hope when you read this, you will want to see justice done as much as we do. To think that these federal officials are still out there and could be possibly repeating the same cover-ups is an injustice to everyone. Of course, we know they are, as we read in the news just a couple of weeks about the man who was released after serving 21 years for a rape/murder that he did not commit. Not only are they out there repeating the same cover ups but they are profitting from getting difficult convictions. Isn't that true Judge?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Rental Ordinance Proposed For Sex Offenders

They can't get a residency law passed for sex offenders in Delaware so now one town is proposing an ordinance that prevents landlords from renting to a sex offender if the house/apartment is within so many feet of a school, daycare etc.! In addition, they have to alert everyone within 500 feet of the rental, that a sex offender is living there. In Laurel, DE the town is trying to make this a law. Talk about ridiculous!! When will it stop? All this law will accomplish is landlords will not rent to any sex offenders because they do not want the hassle of alerting everyone within 500 feet of the rental. Nor do they want to deal with the huge number of complaints they would get from these residents once they are told that a sex offender lives within 500 feet of their home. We all know what happens then...many more sex offenders will become homeless. These "feel good" laws that these stupid politicians are trying to get passed is just them trying to make themselves popular and to gain votes. This is never going to end until every sex offender and their families and friends decide to come forward with a petition or publicly express their concerns. Right now because of the fear of vigilantism, retaliation from parole officers, law enforcement and the like, many stay quiet and just take what ever is handed to them. Our numbers are strong and then add in wives, girlfriends, mothers, other family members and friends, we would be a force to reckon with. Together, we could make changes.

America prides itself on its education, its Constitution, and its freedom. Yet the very people who are voted in to uphold the American way are working tediously to deny these things to a small group of people. When you consider other criminals, such as drug dealers, who do not become a scum of the earth, nor are they denied all rights, but yet, they have one of the highest recidivism rates. They, too, cause long lasting harm to the children. Giving away candy laced with drugs just to get the children addicted, then forcing them to buy it after they are addicted. So, to get this wonderful candy, the children turn to stealing. Many will grow up still addicted, doing anything for their next high. Talk about education. No one in legislature is interested in educating the public on the facts. They would rather use fear tactics, lie about the facts, and shine with proposing "feel good" laws that do nothing to protect but do everything to make matters worse.

To be quite honest, I'm ashamed of what America has become. Government goes out of its way to do everything in its power to encourage non-Americans to come live in America. Reduced mortgage rates, tax free purchases of homes and businesses. Haven't you ever wondered why so many foreigners are buying up all the Mom and Pop markets? Reduced to zero mortgage rates for 7 years. So after 7 years, they sell the business to an Aunt, Uncle, or cousin. They do this for non-Americans and then they think they can strip all rights away from sex offenders.

My husband's lawyer once told him, "You do not have the same rights that a John Doe off the street has." He was being nice. My husband, just like all other sex offenders, does not have any rights. He can never be the victim. If he were beaten on the street, just for being a sex offender, law enforcement officials would find some way to blame him for being beaten. When my husband went to register as a sex offender, I went with him. I was worried about vigilantism. So I asked the deputy about it. He told me that they were very tough on vigilantism and all I would have to do is call "911" and they would be there in a flash. I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. Did I really believe that anyone from the sheriff's dept or from the state police's dept would "come running" when a sex offender's address pops up on a "911" call? HELL!! NO!!!!! But I am concerned if we need to call "911" for a medical emergency. How slow would they respond? I'm so glad I am a nurse, even though I can't work because of my back pain, I still know enough to keep someone alive until help arrived, even if they did do a slow crawl.

I guess I am done venting. When I read that article on the computer on WBOC's website, I just had to write my thoughts. Every so often, things build up, to keep from exploding....I blog. Laugh if you will. But until you try don't know what your missing. You can write for anyone to read, remain as anonymous as you want. It feels empowering when someone comments, even when it is negative, because someone actually reads what you write. I am really moved by many of the comments I get from those who are suffering just as we are. It helps to know that we are not the only ones though some days, it sure does feel like it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Maintenance Polygraph

On Aug. 13, 2009, my husband had his maintenance polygraph. He said that although it was not videoed, he believes it was taped, though he was not apprised of the fact. Thank God this man who gave my husband the test was not an Ass Hole like his previous one. He did not get bent out of shape when my husband refused to sign the documents stating that he released them from anything nor did he sign the document stating he was undergoing this polygraph willingly. This polygrapher did prepare my husband for the test as per protocol, unlike the first guy. The questions were: 1) Have you lied to anyone who trusts you? 2) Have you lied to anyone in the position of authority? 3) Have you engaged in any unwanted sex since your release? 4) Have you ever had any sexual activity that you would be embarrassed of it became known? 5) Have you lied to me when you stated that you would be honest with me when you answered the questions? 6)Have you done anything to violate the conditions of your parole? We are positive that his PO is going to be livid about the questions asked. Why? Because none of them were about the Walmart incident, or about any of the things his PO is trying to pin on him. (If you recall, his PO is trying to put my husband behind bars...he told me so when the PO first met me during his 45 minute rant, trying to get me to NOT marry my husband.) Although my husband was not happy with having to take the polygraph....he was happy with the way the polygrapher conducted himself and the test. (The polygrapher even gave my husband a cough drop when my husband had a coughing spell courtesy of his severe bout with bronchitis) Now, we are hoping that the polygrapher continues to be professional and not lie about the results of the exam. My husband and I are positive that his PO had quite a long talk with the polygrapher before we got there. (Yes, I did go with my husband as I always do to offer support and my love.) We are sure that during the PO's conversation with the polygrapher that he mentioned how manipulative my husband is(that's the PO's opinion. My husband is not manipulative...just fighting for his rights and for justice) and he wants my husband back in jail. We are also positive that if this polygrapher doesn't, that his PO will schedule him for another polygraph with a different polygrapher A.S.A.P. If that's the case, the P.O.'s supervisor is going to get a call from me. At present, my husband is preparing some kind of legal document that includes the polygraph. (He does so much legal work: appeals, habeases, etc. that it's hard for me to remember which is which. LOL.) I don't know if I have ever mentioned it, but my husband used his 20 years in prison to study federal law. He is quite capable of litigating his own cases.

Needless to say, I have not heard back from the PO's supervisor after I talked to him about the conduct of this PO towards me (the inappropriate remarks, verbally forcing me to leave the preparation of dinner to sit down with my husband and listen to his BS...the dinner ( shrimp) I had to throw away because it had sat out for 30-45 minutes, uncovered while the PO stood over it....yuk!!!). I really didn't expect any response. While researching the job descriptions of Parole Officers, I found (not surprising to me) that his PO does not do most of the things he is supposed to do. Such as supporting and aiding his parolees to finding resources and employment to help them improve their lives. All he does is harass my husband, lie about things and to do anything he can do to get my husband back in prison. I still wonder how he can monitor his other parolees since he is sooooooooooo obsessed with my husband.

Oh well............This is my life, Wife of a sex offender, and though I wish things could be different, I love my husband and will always be by my husband's side. So this is our life....and we are living it the best way we know how. His parole officer, the conditions of his parole, the having to be registered....none of that nor anything else will make me walk away from my husband and our life together.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading my blog!!! I hope my blog helps other's out there in the same position. I know I have connected with alot of people through my blog. Like I've told them and this goes for anyone...Keep in touch and if you ever need to just vent...I'm here for you!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Injustice of it all

My husband's so called maintenance polygraph is scheduled for later this month. It will focus on crimes he may have or may not have committed while on parole. It was not court ordered, nor ordered by the parole commission, but was ordered by his obsessed P.O. My husband, who must live his life under a conviction for a crime he did not commit, has been the perfect parolee. He has never broken any laws, he is married and we have a happy marriage, he has been at the same residence for 5 years, and he is employed. But because he dared to argue that under Maryland law he was not required to register as a sex offender (his conviction was in 1979), his PO is out to throw him back in prison. Thus, the polygraph. One deep breath, one skipped heart beat or even one twitch and he is back in prison for failing his polygraph. It doesn't matter that polygraphs are not admissible in court.....the parole commission runs by their own laws. His last polygraph was rigged. My husband was asked a series of questions but when the results were released, the questions were out of order than the way they were asked during the polygraph. (We did ask that this polygraph be taped or videoed and were told that they would try. Which tells me that it won't be!) He did not return to prison, but was continued on supervised parole. (He was told prior to his first polygraph that if he did not answer any or all of the questions but pleaded the 5th, that his parole would be revoked and he would go back to prison!) This polygraph is supposed to be only 5 questions. His lawyer is unable to get any answers as to what those questions might be. The PO nor his supervisor state they have no idea. LIARS!!!!! I use to believe in justice, the government and the law. If there is justice, why was my husband convicted of a crime he didn't commit because FBI agents were allowed to get away with an illegal search and seizure and with holding of evidence? Why won't any court re-open his case when the evidence and facts(including crime scene photos and investgation notes) are presented to them during my husband's appeals? (To re-open the case would mean that if found innocent....every case these 3 FBI agents and this judge have been involved in for the last 30 years would come into question. So it is easier to allow one innocent man to suffer. This is injustice!) Why does the government allow the Parole Commission and the Parole Officers to follow their own laws? (Seems they make up new laws whenever it suits their cause) Why are there such draconian laws that focus on only one type of criminal? ( Sex offenders have the lowest percentage rate of recidivism. ) Why are all sex offenders grouped together under the label of pedophile? Talk about injustice!!!!!!

Once they get away with doing this polygraph, they can demand a new one every 6 months. Who or what will be next.? If it can happen to will happen to every sex offender that is registered. What will they demand next and label it as part of his condition of his parole? It wouldn't surprise me at all if they try to tell him that its against the conditions of his parole to even be married!!!! After all, his PO doesn't like me. I dared to ignore his lecture when he tried to dissuade me from marrying my husband.

I use to be an optimist. No longer!!! It doesn't matter what a person does or doesn't do........or how well a person tries to follow the rules or how "good" a person is..............none of that matters. (I'm still trying to hold onto my FAITH and I still believe it will matter when you are no longer among the living) But while you are still among the living.........once an injustice, always an injustice. Its like he's the scapegoat. Someone got away with doing an injustice to him now everyone is kicking him while he's down. He did have a great Parole Officer once. I think she was promoted so now he's stuck with the obsessed one...the PO with a major attitude problem.....the PO who thinks he is GOD himself. I don't know why his supervisor is standing behind him. Nothing was done about my complaints about his inappropriate behavior. Nor do I expect anything will ever be done!

I just know that unless we ( wives, mothers, daughters, friends of sex offenders and sex offenders themselves) all act as one, we all brave the public eye and stand up for the rights of sex offenders.....these injustices will continue. Politicians will continue to pass these draconian laws because it makes some "feel good". The parole commission, the parole officers, even those who up hold the law will continue to do injustice to our loved ones. And in doing so...... neither they nor us will ever be able to live our lives to the fullest! We will never be able to say that America is a land of the free.......we will never be free unless changes are made.

Thank you for reading my blog and allowing me to vent. Life is just so unfair but we need to act as that all may be able to live!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Maintenance Polygraph scheduled

If you've been reading my blog, you know that my husband's PO came up with this unknown monster called a "maintenance polygraph". Well, my husband's is scheduled in August. I can also tell you that my husband is not taking this sitting down. Like I've said many of times, my husband is self taught in federal law. He has gotten several compliments from judges and even other lawyers on the legal briefs etc., that he has submitted. So yes, he has sent in another legal paper. I swear, he is being kept busy with enough legal work for the next year and mostly its all because of his PO. I must say, compared to almost two years ago, I have learned a lot on Federal law and legal language. Ha! Jokingly, I'm sure, I was offered a job in the Federal defender's office if I ever went to law school and passed the bar! Wouldn't that be something. I would honestly consider it if I had the money to go back to school for 8+ years. Oh well, another item to list on my "fantasy wish list"!

Normally, I don't answer any questions that are posted on other websites but one caught my eye this morning. One woman wanted to know if anyone would start a relationship with a RSO. She was being advised to stay away by more than one person. So you know me, I had to put my 2 cents worth in. I have never ever regretted marrying my husband. Since you are reading this, hopefully you know my story. My husband and I will be married 2 years August 18th. I met him Oct. 2006 and on our second date he told me about his past. He was released from prison Jan. 2000 after spending 20years in Federal prison. As you know, his past did not matter to me. It was the man he is now that I was seeing and fell in love with. Along with the BS we have to put up with from his PO and other issues, it is amazing to see him adjusting to life outside of prison. There is nothing he takes for taking a walk outside just to see the wonders of nature and breathe in the air. For so long he had never experienced that feeling. And yes, I still cry sometimes when he tells me his stories of when he was in prison. I will repeat: I HAVE NEVER EVER REGRETTED MARRYING HIM!!!!!

I invited this woman to read my blog as I have been openly honest about my feelings and what goes on in the life of a wife of a RSO.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sex Offender's last session with therapist he is suing

Last night was my husband's last session with the therapist he is suing. What will happen now? We do not know. The parole commission never made long term sex offender therapy (he's been in it for 9 years!) a requirement of his parole but left it up to his P.O. (I'm sure if you've been following my blogs you definitely know how I feel about him. I swear, I don't know how he does his job since he's so obsessed with my husband! Did I tell you that his obsession began when my husband questioned his order to register as a sex offender? ((My husband was convicted in 1979 and Maryland law does not have the ability to register him)) When my husband had his first P.O.((and she was no pushover, she told him one false move and his ass would be back in jail)) he never had to file one legal paper but ever since this one has taken over.....well, let's just say, a lot of trees are being used to fight for his civil rights!) When his P.O. and his supervisor came to visit in what we'd like to call the "retaliation visit", there was a lengthy discussion of his requirement to be in long term therapy. His P.O. is trying to say that the parole commission ordered it. His therapy is being suspended for a little while until an alternative can be found. Then there is the "maintenance polygraph" that seems to be a monster that no one has heard of! During his last session, his therapist wanted to know why he's suing her. Ha! Like she doesn't have a clue! She told my husband that she's worried about his stress level. I bet! My husband said he handled stress just fine during his 20 years in Fed. Prison.....everything since then has been a piece of cake.

I'm curious: Is there any sex offenders out there who have been ordered to have long term therapy? If so...please contact me. Also...if you have been ordered for long term therapy, have you asked for copies of your medical records?

As for me, I'm hanging in there! Started on a new medication that has several side effects that are extremely unpleasant but I've been told the side effects only last about 10 days. So far, the new medicine seems to be helping with my pain. My pain is still there but now it's about a 5 on a scale of 0-10 when before it was an 8.( 0 is no pain and 10 is the worst pain you have ever felt and requires going to the ER)

I'm very supportive of my husband. Helping him with anything I can. He's been through so much. Spending 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit ( Don't bother sending a negative comment on this, I've heard it all before. Those of you who write those negative comments should hold them if you don't know the facts! I've read the court transcripts, the FBI reports and have seen every one of the crime scene photos. He was a scape goat in a political war between California and Mexico), then he has to be stuck with an A** hole of a parole officer who is trying to put him back in prison and even has gone so far as to get some of his friends in law enforcement to lie and make false claims( Such as the one police officer who had his wife say that she was being stalked by my husband. Come to find out, my husband was working as a cashier on one of the days she claimed he was stalking her in the store and the other day he was supposed to be stalking her in the store, he was off and no where near the store.) We also found out that his PO and this police officer knew each other. IMAGINE THAT! How much more must my husband endure before he gets even a wee bit of justice? The only ray of light on the horizon is that his PO retires in less than 5 years but how much more BS do we have to put up with until he does? Do Parole officers have a code of conduct that they have to adhere to when it comes to their parolees and their families?

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Let me know if anyone has any info on anything I have written! Thanks!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sex offender's spouse harassed!!!

In my last blog, I told you about the sex offender who is suing his therapist and was facing retaliation by the Feds. In this blog, I'm going to tell you the story of the sex offender's wife( the same sex offender who is suing his therapist) who was harassed by his parole officer... a Fed with a major attitude problem!!! (Big surprise there!!!) Any way, when the 2 Feds came to came to the RSO's house, one of the Feds was a supervisor. The wife of the RSO asked to speak to the super privately as she had never met the past supervisors and could not file an informal complaint. The harassment complaints were as follows: 1) when she and the RSO were engaged, the PO came to the house when she was alone (or was she?) and proceeded to tell her in great detail the facts about the crime her fiance was convicted for. He then explained to her what life with a parolee would be like...the unannounced visits, the conditions of parole, etc. He also stated that this RSO would never get off supervised parole and would be going back to prison. He kept stating the same things over and over again for 45 minutes even though the wife said she knew all about it, didn't care because she loved this man and everyone deserves a second chance. She also stated that she could live with the unannounced visits and the restrictions of the conditions of his parole. Nothing swayed him....he continued to argue and preach until about 30 mins before her fiance was due home from work. 2) During one unannounced visit, the wife was preparing 2 pounds of shrimp to make shrimp Alfredo. The shrimp were already peeled and de-veined so all she was doing was pulling the tails off. The PO came and demanded she stop immediately and sit down. Let me give you the picture, her kitchen is a very small galley kitchen. She was at the stove doing the preparation as there is no counter space. Her husband was sitting at the table directly behind her. The PO was standing immediately to her left, between her and the door. There were no knives or other weapons close by. No water had been boiled. Anyway, she was forced to leave the shrimp unattended for 30-45 minutes. After she sat at the table with her husband, the PO went and leaned against the stove, directly over the shrimp, stomping his feet when he wanted to make a point. After he left, she had to throw the shrimp away. Why? It had been out for 30-45 minutes and she had concerns about it being out too long plus he had been standing directly over them, stomping his feet and she didn't know what had might have fallen off him into the shrimp. After all, he had made other visits prior to visiting them. YUK!!!!! 3) The PO often makes comments on the color of her hair or the darkness of her skin So, she had told the super of her issues. He didn't comment on 2 of the issues but did state that the reason she was told to sit was for the safety of the PO. Well, if that was the case, he could have been more polite and allowed her to put the shrimp in the refrig. But no!! He treated her like she was his parolee and was very rude!!! The only other comment that the super said was...if this really happened. So he doesn't believe her!!! Guess he will if she decides to file a complaint with the office of professionalism and brings a witness with her. She knows why the PO was making those comments to her and often enters her personal space when he catches her home alone (you know the personal space is that space between you and another person that you feel comfortable) is to try and make her husband mad and hopes he tries to do or say something so he can violate him. After all, the RSO and his wife were told personally by local law enforcement when he went to register that the PO had called them demanding anything they could get on the RSO so he could put his ass back in jail. Just another day in the life of the wife of a sex offender!!! So exciting!!! My life is far from boring. One challenge after another!!! I'll keep you posted!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sex Offender Sues Therapist!!!!

A Parsonsburg, MD RSO sues his therapist and others involved: Kathryn Seifert and Karen Ray of Eastern Shore Psychological of Salisbury, MD and a past employee, Paul DesPres. According to the claim, the suit includes Kathryn Seifert's refusal to turn over his personal health information as per HIPPA. The claim states that once he received his information there were several discrepancies within his records. These discrepancies, according to the claim, include: 1)Seifert stating that the RSO had received over a dozen evaluations, 2 of which were over 5 hours long ( The RSO claims he was given none and since those evaluations were not disclosed to him as Seifert and Ray stated they were "Trade Secrets" but state and Federal law require them to release his answers and raw test scores. To date they have not done so.), 2)The summary of the evaluations was signed by Seifert and DesPres in July 2007 (the evaluations were supposedly administered in 2001 , DesPres had ceased his employment for Eastern Shore Psychological in 2002 , in 2007 DesPres was not licensed as a counselor in MD, DE, or VA, and the RSO has never met DesPres.) 3) Several forms within the RSO's medical files contained the RSO's forged signature. Interestingly still, according to 2 Federal Officials, Eastern Shore Psychological receives all the federal contracts for all sex offenders east of the Bay Bridge. (There are more discrepancies, but the few listed were the high lights). Sex offender programs are normally 12, 24 or in extreme cases 36 months in length. According to the claim of this RSO's law suit, he has been in Sex Offender Therapy for 9 years based upon the results of the falsified evaluation supposedly performed by Kathryn Seifert and Eastern Shore Psychological. It is also noted in the claim, that this RSO had 2 previous evaluations done: one at PRMC and one with a private practice: both evaluations determined that this RSO did not need therapy. Yet a few months later, Seifert states that not only did he need therapy but also long term therapy. In the claim, the RSO stated that one of his previous therapist at Eastern Shore Psychological , had told him that he(the therapist) had recommended to Seifert in the presence of the RSO's Parole Officer that the RSO be discontinued from treatment. The therapist stated that Seifert stated that the RSO will continue with treatment for monetary reasons only. The RSO's parole officer was present when Seifert stated this according to the therapist. Hmmmmmmmmm!

Ok!! More interesting events. On July 9, 2009, the RSO was visited by 2 Federal officials. One of the topics of discussion: Eastern Shore Psychological were refusing to continue to see the RSO because he was suing them. According to the Feds, this was a condition of the Parole Commission (but in truth, the Parole Commission had left it up to the Parole Officer). Then, there was a discussion about a supposedly new Federal law (I searched and googled and contacted everyone I know and I can't find it!). This federal law requires maintenance polygraphs to be given as often as every 6 months if necessary. This polygraph will be referencing any possible criminal activities that the RSO may have done since his being on parole. (Let me point out that a federal parolee can be violated and returned to prison for such things as a speeding ticket, accidentally running a red light, etc.) Not to mention that this maintenance polygraph violates the fifth amendment and other constitutional rights. Then there were the discussions that were basically BS: old cell phone number on parole report, need to know exactly how many hours are actually worked in a week( the RSO is a salaried employee, considered full time, drives a semi ) So it doesn't really matter how many hours he works, he gets paid the same amount of money each week whether he works 10 hours or 70. The conditions of his parole is that he keeps a full time job.....and he has a full time job. What's the problem? In other words, the July 9th visit was in retaliation for him suing Seifert, Ray of Eastern Shore Psychological.

Let me ask all of you this: If you had a contract with a company, and found out that they were being sued for falsifying records just to maintain a lengthier contract and get more money out of the people who had hired them, wouldn't you be more interested in the outcome of the suit then at retaliating at the one suing? After all, if they had falsified the records of one company....did they falsify any others for purely monetary reasons?

And life goes on in the life of the wife of a sex offender...............I'll keep you posted.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sorry....I haven't been good!!

I know I haven't written in a long while. I know I told you about hurting my back. Well, I am no longer working because my back pain is so severe. I've been told I can never go back to working as a clinical nurse again. Guess I'm not going to be able to work anywhere because I tried after 2 office positions and when they heard I hurt my back, they said they didn't think the position was for me. My poor husband is carrying all the financial burden since my short term disability carrier won't extend my coverage after April 30th saying they didn't have enough to go on but I could appeal it...which I did and am just waiting for a decision. In the mean time, I'm getting nothing from worker's comp but I do have a hearing June 23rd!! So, I surrendered one of my cars since my husband couldn't pay for 3 and we recently had to drop our health insurance I received through my company because it was too expensive and will be going with his company's but for 30 days...NO insurance. That's scary in this day and time.

I have resigned as MD state organizer for as most days I can't even get out of bed and stay doped up on vicodin and oxycontin for pain. But they are a great organization and hope all of you go to their site to see what they are doing.

I do have a small garden and we planted lots of corn and watermelon and cucumbers to sell plus multiple yard sales...basically doing anything to get some extra cash.

I hope to write again soon...but I can't promise anything!!! Let me know how you all are doing.

Sex offenders are always the bad guys!!!!!!!!!!

My husband recently stopped at WalMart in his truck. Before he was able to get out, some woman climbed up in his truck (a semi) and demanded $50 or she was going to call the cops. He told her "Let's see who can call them first!" Then he stepped out on the side bumper and called 911. When the lady saw that he was truly calling the cops, she got out and went over to a dark blue SUV, opened passenger door, spoke quickly to the driver then they both took off like a bat out of hell. When the cops came, one took my husband's info while the other attempted to look for the car. THE COP TOLD MY HUSBAND THAT IT LOOKED LIKE HE WAS THE VICTIM OF AN ATTEMPTED ROBBERY!When my husband got home, he told me all about it. A couple days later, his PO called wanting to know why my husband didn't call him and let him know that he had contact with the police. My husband told him that since nothing came out of it he didn't think he had to. His PO told him, that whenever he had any contact whatsoever with the police, he was to call him immediately!!! (That's husband's PO has his name, phone number etc., flagged so that he can know right away what he does or who he calls!!!) Anyway, my husband began thinking, so he called his lawyer and went to the police dept and got a copy of the report. Everything on the report was as he stated but the last paragraph that the cop wrote was ALARMING! It stated that the police were going to further investigate why he had called the police and if there were any ulterior motive. He also reported that they (cops) were going to go to Walmart and get a copy of their surveillance tapes. (I guess, after running my husband's name, they found out he was a sex offender). And it gets better!! When my husband went to re-register for his 6 month registration, the deputy asked him about it and that his PO had told them to get all they can on the incident as he heard there was a witness that said the woman got in the truck. (Made it sound like my husband was soliciting) But there were no witnesses. The deputy also told my husband that someone ( he assumed it was his PO) had called the main dept of Maryland's sex registration dept and told them to list my husband as a violent predator. But the deputy called them and told them to change him back to what he was because he did not fit the criteria and they would need a court order to do so!! Again, my husband called his lawyer and updated him plus to request that he (his lawyer) ask for a copy of Walmart's tapes too.

This is just one real life example of the fact that a sex offender will never be a victim!! If my husband had been shot or stabbed during the course of a robbery, car jacking or mugging, it would somehow be made out to be that he had did something wrong!!!

Just another day in the life of a sex offender's wife!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Report on My Husband's Parole Termination Hearing

Sorry I haven't blogged for a long time. Have been busy with my husband's parole termination hearing. I'm sure you all, like we were, aware that it is a waste of time!!! The parole commission is a bunch of hypocrites. Last year, it didn't matter that my husband and I just got married. This year, it was one of the main reasons he didn't get off supervised parole: because he hadn't been married long enough to be considered a stable marriage. How many years must a couple be married to be considered in a stable marriage? I was married to my first husband 24 years before divorced him just pror to our 25th. Was that a stable marriage? Don't think so. My husband and I have a more loving and stable marriage then all the 24 years I was with my first. The other reasoning: He hadn't been employed long enough. he just got the job in July 2008. Wasn't his fault. His PO put so many restrictions on his out of state travel that it was extremely hard to find a local run as a CDL driver. Then...he hadn't been living at his residence long enough. Ok...5 years isn't long enough? GIVE ME A BREAK! Then of course...his challenging his forced registration since under MD law he wasn't required to register since his conviction was almost 30 years ago. And then, the fact he didn't have a current polygraph. Let's forget the fact that the polygraph they want is not for therapeutic purposes but so investigate to see if he has been involved in any criminal activities other than the one he was charged with. And they want the same psycho to do it that is being investigated for falsifying his mental health evaluation, forging a counselor's signature and numerous other complaints. Stupid, ignorant people being paid to be the parole commission. More ignorant people being paid to be parole officers if they all are like my husband's. Course we had a visit from our favorite ass hole...his parole officer. He tried to give us his take on the parole commisions verdict....he thought that if my husband did everything they wanted, that he would be off supervised parole in a couple of years. Course, he got mad as a hornet when we both told him "NO WAY" and that we would let the court decide if they went above and beyond the law governing the PC. I just love this pony and cart show...and the attempts to make my husband perform like a puppet or a horse after a carrot on a stick. What they don't husband loves to litigate. He would rather spend a few days righting up legal appeals, challenges, law suits, tort claims, etc., then jump into the 3 ring circus. It gets very interesting around our house most of the time.

Hope all of you have a great week end and I will be writing again soon...I promise!

PS> Still been having a lot of pain with my back...many days I am unable to leave the bed. work is not honoring my doctor's restricted I get worse every day. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do? I have filed a complaint with the EEOC, my lawyer is working with worker's comp....I just don't know what more I can do. I'm missing a lot of days from work...yet I can't get them to fire me...they are trying to make me quit...but no can do...I'd lose all my worker's comp benefits then. Oh well...such is life!! Jerks to the left and jerks to the right.....