Monday, May 7, 2012

There is a petition that needs more signatures.  They are trying to abolish the public sex offender registry.  Check it out at the link below and please sign!  Thank you.
Hi Everyone!!!

Been a hectic time but I do read all your comments and post each and every one, good or bad.  I am taking time to thank every one for your comments.  I am so surprised at the number of people who read my blog.

My husband still has not had his parole hearing, his last one was in 2010.  Since then, he has had 5 polygraphs and passed every one!  His PO is still a major dick but hasn't been hassling him as much lately.  When he does do his surprise visits, he won't even come in anymore....Guess he doesn't want to talk to me....LOL!  

I can't remember if I told you all that my husband hurt his back at his job and then the company closed down that location.  At least his worker's comp and his lawyer is better than mine ever was.  He is now in voc-rehab.  This is where they pay you to look for a job and give you a counselor to help you with the process.  He meets with his counselor once a week and fills out job search form.  Has had plenty of interviews.....but nothing concrete yet.  

I am only working 2- 5 hour days a week.  My back is still giving me issues but learning to live with it.

We planted a garden this year.  Its been fun for us....we both enjoy going out and working in the garden.

Anyway, things have been pretty good here.  I was afraid when my husband had to start registering, that we were going to get a lot of grief.  You know the horror stories you read; but Thank God, we have been left alone.  The sheriff department comes out for a compliance visit every now and then.  Under SORNA, he now has to renew his registration every 4 months but there is no grief at the Sheriff's Dept.  They treat us like human beings and even have conversations with my husband.  They appreciate that he doesn't give them any grief, does what he needs to the  
deputy in charge of the registration knows about my husband's wrongful conviction.  As far as the conviction, my husband has given up that fight for now.  I mean, what can we do?  All the evidence in his case was packed/stored "incorrectly" "by accident" and is now worthless.  (Yea! I believe that one).  In other words, all the evidence that could be used for DNA was "accidentally" destroyed. Speaking of his conviction, he was supposed to serve 30 years, got out at 20.  Its been 10 years since he has been he is trying to get "street credit" for the 10 years he has been on supervised parole.I figure that is why he hasn't been given a new parole hearing since they "officially" have no reason to keep him on supervised parole.  Oh...I forgot to tell you....he did write to President Obama....guess what the wonderful...cough, gag...president told him?  "If he were to plead guilty, then he would consider giving him amnesty."  Give me a BREAK!  Why would he plead guilty for something he didn't do?  If he turned down 3 plea bargains 30 years ago....why would he do it now?  I guess Obama will only give amnesty to illegal immigrants who are his his aunt. 

I will try real hard to be better at writing something on a monthly basis if I can't do it any sooner.  Nothing new on the legal front as far as I know.  No new laws trying to sneak in through the cracks....

Just November, we need to vote.  Especially us women.  Have you listen to most of these candidates?  They are trying to take us back to cave man days... telling us what we can or can not do with our bodies.  So before November, take the time  to get familiar to those candidates.  We just can not let those candidates into office who want to tell us what to do with our bodies, take our decisions out of our control...We have fought hard for that right!  Let's not loose it this election. 

Til next time!  Keep those comments coming.  And for all you haters out there....I did post your comments...small minded and ignorant though they were.  I do not hide what the haters write. We all know they are out there.  We all have had to deal with that kind of ignorance.  By posting them, we can deal with them together.  So if you have something to say ...please feel free to write will get posted for all to read.  (I can't guarantee my reply will be nice...LOL) but I will post it, un-moderated, un-edited...just as you wrote it.  For all of you who need or want to join our support blog:  I invite you to write in.  Share your story with us.  If you have had a run in with a hater...share that too.  Your experience will help others.

Thanks again.