Friday, September 5, 2008

Just a thought worth mentioning

I hope I don't alienate a lot of church goers out there, if you go every Sunday or 2-3 times a week, that's you're right. I believe in God and yes, my husband and I attend church (every now and then) but I also believe that you can have faith and not go to church. I also believe that God gave us a brain and a tongue to use for whatever cause we feel is worth contributing to. My cause? To get my husband justice and to get justice for every sex offender out there who is trying to start a new life for themselves.

I will tell you a story that proves there is no second chance act: My husband has faithfully sent his resume out to several different state openings. He took the required exams and scored in the highest percentile. He's been getting multiple letters to schedule interviews, which he has gone to. These interviews are for departments all over Maryland, many are 2-3 hours away. Each and every time he has been honest with his conviction, has pointed out that since he has gotten out he has had no infractions with the law, obeys it to the letter, that he recently got married and is just trying to get on with his life. Not one word was said negatively at the interviews. Lo and behold....4-6 weeks later he gets letters stating "I'm sorry but another candidate was chosen." Second chance my foot. Even though he served in the army, the VA won't help him because he's a felon.

One day at work, a couple colleagues and I were having a discussion about the new bill that was passed regarding hiring ex-convicts and giving a big tax breaks to the companies that do so. He asked me if I would hire an ex-con. I told him I would. When asked why, I told him: Ex-cons have something to prove. They will work harder, will be more dependable than some Joe Smoe off the street. He asked me if I could trust them. I said that everyone deserves a second chance and deserve the right to be trusted. I said that you can't judge all by one or two bad apples. My husband is like that. Every job he has ever had, he has always felt he had to prove himself. He works harder, does the jobs no one else wants to do without complaint, works long hours, has never missed a day at work and pulls his load and others too.

Its all so unfair. There are no civil rights or rights at all for ex cons and even less for sex offenders. Families, friends, wives, significant others need to stop feeling ashamed and start voicing their concerns to elected officials or to anyone who will listen.

I love my husband and if his past has made him the man he is today, well so be it. He is a wonderful man, involved totally in our marriage and in me. He helps around the house without asking. Does wonderful little surprises when I least expect it.

Anyway, thanks for listening. I normally speak my mind whether its going to offend someone or not. Its what I believe. And I never give up. Guess that's the Taurus in me. I've sent numerous letters to elected officials, newspapers, news stations, TV shows such as "48 Hours", "Sixty Minutes" and to numerous talk shows. Every week or two, I do it all over again. If I could write a book, I would. I do not give up just because news papers, so called investigative reporters, TV shows tell me that no one is interested. Just makes me more determined and creative in finding ways to get what I have to say out there for others to read or hear.

Visit some of my sites that I have posted on my blog page. They have links to all kinds of resources. Get pro-active!!!

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