Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Report on My Husband's Parole Termination Hearing

Sorry I haven't blogged for a long time. Have been busy with my husband's parole termination hearing. I'm sure you all, like we were, aware that it is a waste of time!!! The parole commission is a bunch of hypocrites. Last year, it didn't matter that my husband and I just got married. This year, it was one of the main reasons he didn't get off supervised parole: because he hadn't been married long enough to be considered a stable marriage. How many years must a couple be married to be considered in a stable marriage? I was married to my first husband 24 years before divorced him just pror to our 25th. Was that a stable marriage? Don't think so. My husband and I have a more loving and stable marriage then all the 24 years I was with my first. The other reasoning: He hadn't been employed long enough. Ok...so he just got the job in July 2008. Wasn't his fault. His PO put so many restrictions on his out of state travel that it was extremely hard to find a local run as a CDL driver. Then...he hadn't been living at his residence long enough. Ok...5 years isn't long enough? GIVE ME A BREAK! Then of course...his challenging his forced registration since under MD law he wasn't required to register since his conviction was almost 30 years ago. And then, the fact he didn't have a current polygraph. Let's forget the fact that the polygraph they want is not for therapeutic purposes but so investigate to see if he has been involved in any criminal activities other than the one he was charged with. And they want the same psycho to do it that is being investigated for falsifying his mental health evaluation, forging a counselor's signature and numerous other complaints. Stupid, ignorant people being paid to be the parole commission. More ignorant people being paid to be parole officers if they all are like my husband's. Course we had a visit from our favorite ass hole...his parole officer. He tried to give us his take on the parole commisions verdict....he thought that if my husband did everything they wanted, that he would be off supervised parole in a couple of years. Course, he got mad as a hornet when we both told him "NO WAY" and that we would let the court decide if they went above and beyond the law governing the PC. I just love this pony and cart show...and the attempts to make my husband perform like a puppet or a horse after a carrot on a stick. What they don't realize...my husband loves to litigate. He would rather spend a few days righting up legal appeals, challenges, law suits, tort claims, etc., then jump into the 3 ring circus. It gets very interesting around our house most of the time.

Hope all of you have a great week end and I will be writing again soon...I promise!

PS> Still been having a lot of pain with my back...many days I am unable to leave the bed. work is not honoring my doctor's restricted activities...so I get worse every day. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do? I have filed a complaint with the EEOC, my lawyer is working with worker's comp....I just don't know what more I can do. I'm missing a lot of days from work...yet I can't get them to fire me...they are trying to make me quit...but no can do...I'd lose all my worker's comp benefits then. Oh well...such is life!! Jerks to the left and jerks to the right.....