Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Parole Hearing Scheduled :FINALLY!!!

Hello everyone!  Thank all you so much for continuing to support and read my blog.  Just a quick husband is finally getting his parole hearing...the 16th of this month.  Course he had to take them to court before he got a date.  They claimed that they had a "discussion" about him and denied early termination and that discussion was his hearing.  What a crock of BS.  The law states that he has to be present to his parole hearing and it is required that he has one every 2 years.  You gotta watch the parole commission...they think they are God and can do whatever they want.  They even said they were exempt from any legal action....WRONG!!!!

My husband has a new parole officer and he is terrific.  I know not too many people have nice things to say about PO's but this one is great!  He and my husband get along very well.  He's really nice and is very supportive.  A 360 degree turn around from his previous PO who took the Ass Hole of the Century award. 

Have a nice summer.  I will try to get on here and let you all know how the hearing goes.