Monday, September 8, 2008

Fighting Fear

I know some of you are wondering: Why is she putting herself out there in the public eye when a couple blogs ago she stated how afraid she was when her husband had to register? You see, I'm the type of person, when I am afraid, I fight that fear instead of letting it control me. By doing something about these scare tactics, by becoming chairperson for the Maryland Citizens for Sex Offender Justice, I'm fighting that fear. In the process, I hope to help everyone fight their fears. I think education is the key to eliminate the scare tactics used by state officials. Separate fact from fiction. So I encourage everyone to FIGHT THE FEAR!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! I admire that you are taking a stand to make a difference. I too am a wife of a soon to be registered sex offender. To even type those words are surreal to me, but it has become my reality. I am finding that there is no distinction according to the government and laws passed on the different levels of this crime. They are all just thrown in one big catagory. Anyway...keep it up and thanks for blogging. Sometimes I feel very alone in this.