Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Lonely Night On Delmarva

Here I am again, alone with only my "son" to keep me company. My husband has just gone out on the road. Will be back some time tomorrow night..late. I hate these times but love them too. I hate them because I hate to be away from my husband, my best friend. And I hate them because I have too much time to think. What do I think about? All the injustice that has happened and continues to happen to my husband. No one cares that a innocent man's life has been ruined and is continuing to be ruined by a conviction of a crime he did not commit. I get so angry knowing that the people (the 3 FBI agents, the prosecutor and a couple of judges) are still walking around in positions of power with no guilty conscience of ruining a man's life. And then I wonder...How many other innocent people did they "fix" the evidence just to get a conviction? No one is interested in a 28 year old story. No one cares that it may happen to someone they love since these same people are still in their positions or have even received promotions. We are still waiting for a decision on his judicial complaint. That could take another year or two. More of his appeals have been brushed off. I feel like taking out a full page ad and advertising his husband laughed..."Do you realize how much that would cost?" Course providing that they would print it after I paid for the advertisement. They haven't printed anything to date. Even Oprah and Dr. Phil have been a big disappointment. Nothing, nada. Not even a "Sorry" can't use it. 48 hours and 60 minutes, the same...nothing. (Can't you tell I'm rolling in self pity not self pity but frustration that no one wants to help this wonderful man, my husband. No one cares) These are the times that I wonder...why does celebrities get front page head lines because they are loosing too much weight and no one wants to read about a true story of cover up, federal mis-conduct, judicial mis-conduct? What are Americans becoming? Where are those investigative reporters who would have sold their soul for an exclusive?

Then let's go to the sex offender injustice? Did you hear about the GPS implants? Or about the one company who is selling their service that before you buy a house...let them investigate the neighbor hood to see if there are any sex offenders..or bring them (this company) in as a community watch security service and anyone that tries to buy a house in your community they will do a back ground check on them to see if they are a sex offender. And I bet people are buying into this company. I mean, with all these scare tactics running wild....Americans have forgotten to use their common sense.

Every now and then, my husband will reminiscence about his time in prison. I listen and cry silently inside. Can you believe that an official had actually ordered for him to be physically castrated? Thank GOD he won the emergency appeal on that one. He tells tales of all those head-liner famous criminals that he has rubbed elbows with. Actually, one made the headlines again a while back. ( I won't name any names)And you know what this sweet wonderful man said to me: "If he had to go through it all over again just to meet me, he would because I was the best thing that has ever happened to him". I'm crying. Oh well...good for the soul I guess. I'll sign off now. Work day tomorrow.


Sarah said...

I feel for you, my bf is on the registry too. It's the most unfair thing I've ever seen! He's not even allowed to visit me as I live in a manufactured home park(they say it's private property and he'd be trespassing, if caught "trespassing" i get evicted!). Then there's the worry that if I do marry him that CPS will come after my kids. I hate it, I hate the registry, I hate the way people judge.

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