Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sex Offender's last session with therapist he is suing

Last night was my husband's last session with the therapist he is suing. What will happen now? We do not know. The parole commission never made long term sex offender therapy (he's been in it for 9 years!) a requirement of his parole but left it up to his P.O. (I'm sure if you've been following my blogs you definitely know how I feel about him. I swear, I don't know how he does his job since he's so obsessed with my husband! Did I tell you that his obsession began when my husband questioned his order to register as a sex offender? ((My husband was convicted in 1979 and Maryland law does not have the ability to register him)) When my husband had his first P.O.((and she was no pushover, she told him one false move and his ass would be back in jail)) he never had to file one legal paper but ever since this one has taken over.....well, let's just say, a lot of trees are being used to fight for his civil rights!) When his P.O. and his supervisor came to visit in what we'd like to call the "retaliation visit", there was a lengthy discussion of his requirement to be in long term therapy. His P.O. is trying to say that the parole commission ordered it. His therapy is being suspended for a little while until an alternative can be found. Then there is the "maintenance polygraph" that seems to be a monster that no one has heard of! During his last session, his therapist wanted to know why he's suing her. Ha! Like she doesn't have a clue! She told my husband that she's worried about his stress level. I bet! My husband said he handled stress just fine during his 20 years in Fed. Prison.....everything since then has been a piece of cake.

I'm curious: Is there any sex offenders out there who have been ordered to have long term therapy? If so...please contact me. Also...if you have been ordered for long term therapy, have you asked for copies of your medical records?

As for me, I'm hanging in there! Started on a new medication that has several side effects that are extremely unpleasant but I've been told the side effects only last about 10 days. So far, the new medicine seems to be helping with my pain. My pain is still there but now it's about a 5 on a scale of 0-10 when before it was an 8.( 0 is no pain and 10 is the worst pain you have ever felt and requires going to the ER)

I'm very supportive of my husband. Helping him with anything I can. He's been through so much. Spending 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit ( Don't bother sending a negative comment on this, I've heard it all before. Those of you who write those negative comments should hold them if you don't know the facts! I've read the court transcripts, the FBI reports and have seen every one of the crime scene photos. He was a scape goat in a political war between California and Mexico), then he has to be stuck with an A** hole of a parole officer who is trying to put him back in prison and even has gone so far as to get some of his friends in law enforcement to lie and make false claims( Such as the one police officer who had his wife say that she was being stalked by my husband. Come to find out, my husband was working as a cashier on one of the days she claimed he was stalking her in the store and the other day he was supposed to be stalking her in the store, he was off and no where near the store.) We also found out that his PO and this police officer knew each other. IMAGINE THAT! How much more must my husband endure before he gets even a wee bit of justice? The only ray of light on the horizon is that his PO retires in less than 5 years but how much more BS do we have to put up with until he does? Do Parole officers have a code of conduct that they have to adhere to when it comes to their parolees and their families?

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Let me know if anyone has any info on anything I have written! Thanks!


QueenBee of Bull said...

hey there, wow... it's like you yook my story and copy/pasted it. in your life. i know what you mean about the PO being out to get you. lame eh? my hubby is on a 10 month parole violation - not bad only his original sentence was only 8 months. it's much more complicated than that, but i'm runnng late for work. please email me, we can chat - it would be nice to talk to someone in my similar position.

Anonymous said...

Something to consider. Most people have therapy mandated by the judge, and if you are kicked out or quit, you will be slapped with a probation/parole violation, and they will arrest you and charge you with said violation.

Dee said...

Queen Bee,
E mail me anytime! I love to talk with other wives! Thanks for your support!

Dee said...

Anonymous: Normally yes, but my husband was not ordered by a judge. The parole commission left it up to his PO and his PO is basing his decision on the evaluation (that is now in question) performed by Eastern Shore Psychological. Thanks for your comment