Monday, July 27, 2009

Maintenance Polygraph scheduled

If you've been reading my blog, you know that my husband's PO came up with this unknown monster called a "maintenance polygraph". Well, my husband's is scheduled in August. I can also tell you that my husband is not taking this sitting down. Like I've said many of times, my husband is self taught in federal law. He has gotten several compliments from judges and even other lawyers on the legal briefs etc., that he has submitted. So yes, he has sent in another legal paper. I swear, he is being kept busy with enough legal work for the next year and mostly its all because of his PO. I must say, compared to almost two years ago, I have learned a lot on Federal law and legal language. Ha! Jokingly, I'm sure, I was offered a job in the Federal defender's office if I ever went to law school and passed the bar! Wouldn't that be something. I would honestly consider it if I had the money to go back to school for 8+ years. Oh well, another item to list on my "fantasy wish list"!

Normally, I don't answer any questions that are posted on other websites but one caught my eye this morning. One woman wanted to know if anyone would start a relationship with a RSO. She was being advised to stay away by more than one person. So you know me, I had to put my 2 cents worth in. I have never ever regretted marrying my husband. Since you are reading this, hopefully you know my story. My husband and I will be married 2 years August 18th. I met him Oct. 2006 and on our second date he told me about his past. He was released from prison Jan. 2000 after spending 20years in Federal prison. As you know, his past did not matter to me. It was the man he is now that I was seeing and fell in love with. Along with the BS we have to put up with from his PO and other issues, it is amazing to see him adjusting to life outside of prison. There is nothing he takes for taking a walk outside just to see the wonders of nature and breathe in the air. For so long he had never experienced that feeling. And yes, I still cry sometimes when he tells me his stories of when he was in prison. I will repeat: I HAVE NEVER EVER REGRETTED MARRYING HIM!!!!!

I invited this woman to read my blog as I have been openly honest about my feelings and what goes on in the life of a wife of a RSO.

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Larry said...

the whole thing is bogus since the polygraph is junk science and they can tailor it so nobody passes. Zman on sex offender issues has all kinds of info on it. I'm glad I didn't have to take any of it.