Monday, June 15, 2009

Sex offenders are always the bad guys!!!!!!!!!!

My husband recently stopped at WalMart in his truck. Before he was able to get out, some woman climbed up in his truck (a semi) and demanded $50 or she was going to call the cops. He told her "Let's see who can call them first!" Then he stepped out on the side bumper and called 911. When the lady saw that he was truly calling the cops, she got out and went over to a dark blue SUV, opened passenger door, spoke quickly to the driver then they both took off like a bat out of hell. When the cops came, one took my husband's info while the other attempted to look for the car. THE COP TOLD MY HUSBAND THAT IT LOOKED LIKE HE WAS THE VICTIM OF AN ATTEMPTED ROBBERY!When my husband got home, he told me all about it. A couple days later, his PO called wanting to know why my husband didn't call him and let him know that he had contact with the police. My husband told him that since nothing came out of it he didn't think he had to. His PO told him, that whenever he had any contact whatsoever with the police, he was to call him immediately!!! (That's husband's PO has his name, phone number etc., flagged so that he can know right away what he does or who he calls!!!) Anyway, my husband began thinking, so he called his lawyer and went to the police dept and got a copy of the report. Everything on the report was as he stated but the last paragraph that the cop wrote was ALARMING! It stated that the police were going to further investigate why he had called the police and if there were any ulterior motive. He also reported that they (cops) were going to go to Walmart and get a copy of their surveillance tapes. (I guess, after running my husband's name, they found out he was a sex offender). And it gets better!! When my husband went to re-register for his 6 month registration, the deputy asked him about it and that his PO had told them to get all they can on the incident as he heard there was a witness that said the woman got in the truck. (Made it sound like my husband was soliciting) But there were no witnesses. The deputy also told my husband that someone ( he assumed it was his PO) had called the main dept of Maryland's sex registration dept and told them to list my husband as a violent predator. But the deputy called them and told them to change him back to what he was because he did not fit the criteria and they would need a court order to do so!! Again, my husband called his lawyer and updated him plus to request that he (his lawyer) ask for a copy of Walmart's tapes too.

This is just one real life example of the fact that a sex offender will never be a victim!! If my husband had been shot or stabbed during the course of a robbery, car jacking or mugging, it would somehow be made out to be that he had did something wrong!!!

Just another day in the life of a sex offender's wife!!!


bdwatkins2001 said...

the police are the enemy of the common man. Their purpose is to do the bidding of the upper class and not to "protect and serve"

They already know that most sex offender laws are both illegal and inn effective but they need a perceived "bad guy" to distract the public from all their other forms of oppression.

Anonymous said...

In my experience the only people that have problems with laws and regulations regarding child molesters and sex offenders (rapists).

I doubt anyone will see this as the comments are moderated and all comments go in the favor of these molesters. If you have any pride in your blog you will post this. At least be unbiased and show both sides of the discussion.

Dee said...

As per anonymous post: I post every comment I receive be it ignorant or not. You totally missed the point. My husband was the victim of an attempted robbery just as several other citizens have been in that area. (Yes. There have been several reported attempted robberies at the same location involving the same suspects as my husband described.) But because of his conviction, he was the only one that was suspected of having an ulterior motive for calling "911". I understand that due to his conviction, there will be many biased people who will only think the worst. That is what I meant when I wrote " Sex offenders are always the bad guys!"

bdwatkins2001 said...

It is quite ironic that "anonymous" who doesn't even have the nerve to say who they are ,yet they they do not hide the ignorance in their thinking.

Stop letting the fear mongering media do your thinking and make your decisions based on FACT not on myth and emotion. Otherwise you truly deserve the title "sheeple" (sheep+people=sheeple)who are incapable of thinking for yourselves and are unqualified to even speak on this subject.

In reality the people that SHOULD have problems with sex offender laws are the lawmakers themselves or anyone who proclaims to be an enforcer of the law (IE: judge, police, attorney etc.).

A first semester law student would realize that most of these laws are unconstitutional therefore illegal. You may not like what these people have done but the constitution applies to EVERYONE.

There is a concept called ex post facto which in layman's terms means that somebody cannot be punished twice for the same crime.

These registries that endanger the safety of the EX-offenders, the residency restrictions that were not included in the ex offenders original sentence and ALL new retroactive sex offender laws are ILLEGAL.


The "scarlet letter" they are forced to wear doesn't even "protect" anybody as the grandstanding lawmakers proclaim.

Look at the sex crime statistics before and after these registries were formed. The number of NEW cases continues to increase. Yet the recidivism rate (the offenders who repeat their crimes) is the lowest of any type of crime.

I welcome "anonymous" to make an (intelligent) response to my comment unless of course they think the law only applies to are exempt from the constitution.

P.S. you also claim "In my experience the only people that have problems with laws and regulations regarding child molesters and sex offenders (rapists)."

Besides the glaring grammatical errors in your statement, what type of "experience" do you have in this field? Do you hold some some degree on the subject or do you merely watch Nancy Grace and Oprah Winfrey for your "education" in this field and proclaim yourself an expert

Dee said...

Thank you BD!!! You said it better than I could have. I really appreciate your comments and your support. Everything you pointed out is so true. The scarlet letter doesn't keep anyone safe and it has been stated in every report concerning residency laws that it causes more harm than good as it leaves many sex offenders homeless and desperate. Thanks again. But I'm not holding my breath that people like anonymous will ever change. After all they are perfect and have never done anything wrong!!

bdwatkins2001 said...

That's why we need to start a movement to re-instate our rights.

Not to be off topic but that type of movement needs to happen on so many levels. We truly need to put the "for the people" back into the phrase "A Nation by the people and for the people"

feel free to contact me at any time Dee. Thanks for the compliment.