Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Injustice of it all

My husband's so called maintenance polygraph is scheduled for later this month. It will focus on crimes he may have or may not have committed while on parole. It was not court ordered, nor ordered by the parole commission, but was ordered by his obsessed P.O. My husband, who must live his life under a conviction for a crime he did not commit, has been the perfect parolee. He has never broken any laws, he is married and we have a happy marriage, he has been at the same residence for 5 years, and he is employed. But because he dared to argue that under Maryland law he was not required to register as a sex offender (his conviction was in 1979), his PO is out to throw him back in prison. Thus, the polygraph. One deep breath, one skipped heart beat or even one twitch and he is back in prison for failing his polygraph. It doesn't matter that polygraphs are not admissible in court.....the parole commission runs by their own laws. His last polygraph was rigged. My husband was asked a series of questions but when the results were released, the questions were out of order than the way they were asked during the polygraph. (We did ask that this polygraph be taped or videoed and were told that they would try. Which tells me that it won't be!) He did not return to prison, but was continued on supervised parole. (He was told prior to his first polygraph that if he did not answer any or all of the questions but pleaded the 5th, that his parole would be revoked and he would go back to prison!) This polygraph is supposed to be only 5 questions. His lawyer is unable to get any answers as to what those questions might be. The PO nor his supervisor state they have no idea. LIARS!!!!! I use to believe in justice, the government and the law. If there is justice, why was my husband convicted of a crime he didn't commit because FBI agents were allowed to get away with an illegal search and seizure and with holding of evidence? Why won't any court re-open his case when the evidence and facts(including crime scene photos and investgation notes) are presented to them during my husband's appeals? (To re-open the case would mean that if found innocent....every case these 3 FBI agents and this judge have been involved in for the last 30 years would come into question. So it is easier to allow one innocent man to suffer. This is injustice!) Why does the government allow the Parole Commission and the Parole Officers to follow their own laws? (Seems they make up new laws whenever it suits their cause) Why are there such draconian laws that focus on only one type of criminal? ( Sex offenders have the lowest percentage rate of recidivism. ) Why are all sex offenders grouped together under the label of pedophile? Talk about injustice!!!!!!

Once they get away with doing this polygraph, they can demand a new one every 6 months. Who or what will be next.? If it can happen to will happen to every sex offender that is registered. What will they demand next and label it as part of his condition of his parole? It wouldn't surprise me at all if they try to tell him that its against the conditions of his parole to even be married!!!! After all, his PO doesn't like me. I dared to ignore his lecture when he tried to dissuade me from marrying my husband.

I use to be an optimist. No longer!!! It doesn't matter what a person does or doesn't do........or how well a person tries to follow the rules or how "good" a person is..............none of that matters. (I'm still trying to hold onto my FAITH and I still believe it will matter when you are no longer among the living) But while you are still among the living.........once an injustice, always an injustice. Its like he's the scapegoat. Someone got away with doing an injustice to him now everyone is kicking him while he's down. He did have a great Parole Officer once. I think she was promoted so now he's stuck with the obsessed one...the PO with a major attitude problem.....the PO who thinks he is GOD himself. I don't know why his supervisor is standing behind him. Nothing was done about my complaints about his inappropriate behavior. Nor do I expect anything will ever be done!

I just know that unless we ( wives, mothers, daughters, friends of sex offenders and sex offenders themselves) all act as one, we all brave the public eye and stand up for the rights of sex offenders.....these injustices will continue. Politicians will continue to pass these draconian laws because it makes some "feel good". The parole commission, the parole officers, even those who up hold the law will continue to do injustice to our loved ones. And in doing so...... neither they nor us will ever be able to live our lives to the fullest! We will never be able to say that America is a land of the free.......we will never be free unless changes are made.

Thank you for reading my blog and allowing me to vent. Life is just so unfair but we need to act as that all may be able to live!


Louis Rovner, Ph.D. said...


With regard to your comments about your husband's previous polygraph tests, most polygraph examiners today are recording theit tests, both audio and video. If anyone ever questions whether a test was conducted properly, a video should be available. This practice is being encouraged by professional associations and other ethical examiners.

The technology is simple to use and inexpensive. There is really no good reason not to record a polygraph test.

Anonymous said...


My husband was terminated from his sex offender treatment because he failed his polygraph twice. He is now back in jail on a VOP. The polygrapher said he was using countermeasures which I believe is a load of "crap" because he does not even know what those are. I totally agree with the title of your blog because it damn sure is INJUSTICE!

Anonymous said...

WE NEED A WAR!!!!!!!