Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Rental Ordinance Proposed For Sex Offenders

They can't get a residency law passed for sex offenders in Delaware so now one town is proposing an ordinance that prevents landlords from renting to a sex offender if the house/apartment is within so many feet of a school, daycare etc.! In addition, they have to alert everyone within 500 feet of the rental, that a sex offender is living there. In Laurel, DE the town is trying to make this a law. Talk about ridiculous!! When will it stop? All this law will accomplish is landlords will not rent to any sex offenders because they do not want the hassle of alerting everyone within 500 feet of the rental. Nor do they want to deal with the huge number of complaints they would get from these residents once they are told that a sex offender lives within 500 feet of their home. We all know what happens then...many more sex offenders will become homeless. These "feel good" laws that these stupid politicians are trying to get passed is just them trying to make themselves popular and to gain votes. This is never going to end until every sex offender and their families and friends decide to come forward with a petition or publicly express their concerns. Right now because of the fear of vigilantism, retaliation from parole officers, law enforcement and the like, many stay quiet and just take what ever is handed to them. Our numbers are strong and then add in wives, girlfriends, mothers, other family members and friends, we would be a force to reckon with. Together, we could make changes.

America prides itself on its education, its Constitution, and its freedom. Yet the very people who are voted in to uphold the American way are working tediously to deny these things to a small group of people. When you consider other criminals, such as drug dealers, who do not become a scum of the earth, nor are they denied all rights, but yet, they have one of the highest recidivism rates. They, too, cause long lasting harm to the children. Giving away candy laced with drugs just to get the children addicted, then forcing them to buy it after they are addicted. So, to get this wonderful candy, the children turn to stealing. Many will grow up still addicted, doing anything for their next high. Talk about education. No one in legislature is interested in educating the public on the facts. They would rather use fear tactics, lie about the facts, and shine with proposing "feel good" laws that do nothing to protect but do everything to make matters worse.

To be quite honest, I'm ashamed of what America has become. Government goes out of its way to do everything in its power to encourage non-Americans to come live in America. Reduced mortgage rates, tax free purchases of homes and businesses. Haven't you ever wondered why so many foreigners are buying up all the Mom and Pop markets? Reduced to zero mortgage rates for 7 years. So after 7 years, they sell the business to an Aunt, Uncle, or cousin. They do this for non-Americans and then they think they can strip all rights away from sex offenders.

My husband's lawyer once told him, "You do not have the same rights that a John Doe off the street has." He was being nice. My husband, just like all other sex offenders, does not have any rights. He can never be the victim. If he were beaten on the street, just for being a sex offender, law enforcement officials would find some way to blame him for being beaten. When my husband went to register as a sex offender, I went with him. I was worried about vigilantism. So I asked the deputy about it. He told me that they were very tough on vigilantism and all I would have to do is call "911" and they would be there in a flash. I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. Did I really believe that anyone from the sheriff's dept or from the state police's dept would "come running" when a sex offender's address pops up on a "911" call? HELL!! NO!!!!! But I am concerned if we need to call "911" for a medical emergency. How slow would they respond? I'm so glad I am a nurse, even though I can't work because of my back pain, I still know enough to keep someone alive until help arrived, even if they did do a slow crawl.

I guess I am done venting. When I read that article on the computer on WBOC's website, I just had to write my thoughts. Every so often, things build up, to keep from exploding....I blog. Laugh if you will. But until you try don't know what your missing. You can write for anyone to read, remain as anonymous as you want. It feels empowering when someone comments, even when it is negative, because someone actually reads what you write. I am really moved by many of the comments I get from those who are suffering just as we are. It helps to know that we are not the only ones though some days, it sure does feel like it.


constitutionalfights said...

Can you please provide a link to this bill?

Dee said...

Its not a bill yet but I saw the story on the WBOC website. You can get there at

Thanks for your comment. Hope this helps!

Dee said...

Here's the site:

For anyone who wants to read this BS proposition.