Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Maintenance Polygraph

On Aug. 13, 2009, my husband had his maintenance polygraph. He said that although it was not videoed, he believes it was taped, though he was not apprised of the fact. Thank God this man who gave my husband the test was not an Ass Hole like his previous one. He did not get bent out of shape when my husband refused to sign the documents stating that he released them from anything nor did he sign the document stating he was undergoing this polygraph willingly. This polygrapher did prepare my husband for the test as per protocol, unlike the first guy. The questions were: 1) Have you lied to anyone who trusts you? 2) Have you lied to anyone in the position of authority? 3) Have you engaged in any unwanted sex since your release? 4) Have you ever had any sexual activity that you would be embarrassed of it became known? 5) Have you lied to me when you stated that you would be honest with me when you answered the questions? 6)Have you done anything to violate the conditions of your parole? We are positive that his PO is going to be livid about the questions asked. Why? Because none of them were about the Walmart incident, or about any of the things his PO is trying to pin on him. (If you recall, his PO is trying to put my husband behind bars...he told me so when the PO first met me during his 45 minute rant, trying to get me to NOT marry my husband.) Although my husband was not happy with having to take the polygraph....he was happy with the way the polygrapher conducted himself and the test. (The polygrapher even gave my husband a cough drop when my husband had a coughing spell courtesy of his severe bout with bronchitis) Now, we are hoping that the polygrapher continues to be professional and not lie about the results of the exam. My husband and I are positive that his PO had quite a long talk with the polygrapher before we got there. (Yes, I did go with my husband as I always do to offer support and my love.) We are sure that during the PO's conversation with the polygrapher that he mentioned how manipulative my husband is(that's the PO's opinion. My husband is not manipulative...just fighting for his rights and for justice) and he wants my husband back in jail. We are also positive that if this polygrapher doesn't, that his PO will schedule him for another polygraph with a different polygrapher A.S.A.P. If that's the case, the P.O.'s supervisor is going to get a call from me. At present, my husband is preparing some kind of legal document that includes the polygraph. (He does so much legal work: appeals, habeases, etc. that it's hard for me to remember which is which. LOL.) I don't know if I have ever mentioned it, but my husband used his 20 years in prison to study federal law. He is quite capable of litigating his own cases.

Needless to say, I have not heard back from the PO's supervisor after I talked to him about the conduct of this PO towards me (the inappropriate remarks, verbally forcing me to leave the preparation of dinner to sit down with my husband and listen to his BS...the dinner ( shrimp) I had to throw away because it had sat out for 30-45 minutes, uncovered while the PO stood over it....yuk!!!). I really didn't expect any response. While researching the job descriptions of Parole Officers, I found (not surprising to me) that his PO does not do most of the things he is supposed to do. Such as supporting and aiding his parolees to finding resources and employment to help them improve their lives. All he does is harass my husband, lie about things and to do anything he can do to get my husband back in prison. I still wonder how he can monitor his other parolees since he is sooooooooooo obsessed with my husband.

Oh well............This is my life, Wife of a sex offender, and though I wish things could be different, I love my husband and will always be by my husband's side. So this is our life....and we are living it the best way we know how. His parole officer, the conditions of his parole, the having to be registered....none of that nor anything else will make me walk away from my husband and our life together.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading my blog!!! I hope my blog helps other's out there in the same position. I know I have connected with alot of people through my blog. Like I've told them and this goes for anyone...Keep in touch and if you ever need to just vent...I'm here for you!!!!

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