Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sex offender's spouse harassed!!!

In my last blog, I told you about the sex offender who is suing his therapist and was facing retaliation by the Feds. In this blog, I'm going to tell you the story of the sex offender's wife( the same sex offender who is suing his therapist) who was harassed by his parole officer... a Fed with a major attitude problem!!! (Big surprise there!!!) Any way, when the 2 Feds came to came to the RSO's house, one of the Feds was a supervisor. The wife of the RSO asked to speak to the super privately as she had never met the past supervisors and could not file an informal complaint. The harassment complaints were as follows: 1) when she and the RSO were engaged, the PO came to the house when she was alone (or was she?) and proceeded to tell her in great detail the facts about the crime her fiance was convicted for. He then explained to her what life with a parolee would be like...the unannounced visits, the conditions of parole, etc. He also stated that this RSO would never get off supervised parole and would be going back to prison. He kept stating the same things over and over again for 45 minutes even though the wife said she knew all about it, didn't care because she loved this man and everyone deserves a second chance. She also stated that she could live with the unannounced visits and the restrictions of the conditions of his parole. Nothing swayed him....he continued to argue and preach until about 30 mins before her fiance was due home from work. 2) During one unannounced visit, the wife was preparing 2 pounds of shrimp to make shrimp Alfredo. The shrimp were already peeled and de-veined so all she was doing was pulling the tails off. The PO came and demanded she stop immediately and sit down. Let me give you the picture, her kitchen is a very small galley kitchen. She was at the stove doing the preparation as there is no counter space. Her husband was sitting at the table directly behind her. The PO was standing immediately to her left, between her and the door. There were no knives or other weapons close by. No water had been boiled. Anyway, she was forced to leave the shrimp unattended for 30-45 minutes. After she sat at the table with her husband, the PO went and leaned against the stove, directly over the shrimp, stomping his feet when he wanted to make a point. After he left, she had to throw the shrimp away. Why? It had been out for 30-45 minutes and she had concerns about it being out too long plus he had been standing directly over them, stomping his feet and she didn't know what had might have fallen off him into the shrimp. After all, he had made other visits prior to visiting them. YUK!!!!! 3) The PO often makes comments on the color of her hair or the darkness of her skin So, she had told the super of her issues. He didn't comment on 2 of the issues but did state that the reason she was told to sit was for the safety of the PO. Well, if that was the case, he could have been more polite and allowed her to put the shrimp in the refrig. But no!! He treated her like she was his parolee and was very rude!!! The only other comment that the super said was...if this really happened. So he doesn't believe her!!! Guess he will if she decides to file a complaint with the office of professionalism and brings a witness with her. She knows why the PO was making those comments to her and often enters her personal space when he catches her home alone (you know the personal space is that space between you and another person that you feel comfortable) is to try and make her husband mad and hopes he tries to do or say something so he can violate him. After all, the RSO and his wife were told personally by local law enforcement when he went to register that the PO had called them demanding anything they could get on the RSO so he could put his ass back in jail. Just another day in the life of the wife of a sex offender!!! So exciting!!! My life is far from boring. One challenge after another!!! I'll keep you posted!!

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