Monday, May 7, 2012

There is a petition that needs more signatures.  They are trying to abolish the public sex offender registry.  Check it out at the link below and please sign!  Thank you.


Anonymous said...


Paranoid crazies

freida johnson said...

hello my name is freida sharp ive been on march 2oo5 a post master posing as a 12 year old had contact with my husband a month after that my husband was arrested becouse he told the girl he would stick his boot in her ass if she didnt leave hm alone that took that and used it in court he was convicted of bad lauguage with a minor he has to register ive almost left him so many time but my son loves his father so much and his mother gives me a hard time about not finding a job i cant find a job i have to pick him up at school my husband is not able to i love your blog and would love her your advise and i have adise to give you are only in the begining stage there is alot of things that you have yet to even begin to go threw its a struggle i would be lieing to you if i said otherwise good luck hope to here from you my adress is