Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Parole Hearing Scheduled :FINALLY!!!

Hello everyone!  Thank all you so much for continuing to support and read my blog.  Just a quick husband is finally getting his parole hearing...the 16th of this month.  Course he had to take them to court before he got a date.  They claimed that they had a "discussion" about him and denied early termination and that discussion was his hearing.  What a crock of BS.  The law states that he has to be present to his parole hearing and it is required that he has one every 2 years.  You gotta watch the parole commission...they think they are God and can do whatever they want.  They even said they were exempt from any legal action....WRONG!!!!

My husband has a new parole officer and he is terrific.  I know not too many people have nice things to say about PO's but this one is great!  He and my husband get along very well.  He's really nice and is very supportive.  A 360 degree turn around from his previous PO who took the Ass Hole of the Century award. 

Have a nice summer.  I will try to get on here and let you all know how the hearing goes. 


hopeforalovedone said...

Good luck to you. My boyfriend is in Florida and there is no parole. I am hoping for some change with these crazy laws in Florida. Again, best of luck!

Unknown said...

what i dont understand my soon to be hubby was wrongfully convicted and tried to get a new lawyer and when he did the judge told him that he felt that my soon to be hubby was trying to pick and chose what he wanted when in all he wanted was a fair shot!!! he was with a lady for about 7 months and when he split with her she told him she would make his life a living hell and she gave him 3 days to get back with her well he did and on the 3rd day he was picked up for the charges that she pressed!!!well he served his time he did 3 years and 7 months and now has to wear a GPS thing on his ankle.... what i dont understand is we are trying to get his paper work from the lawyer he had and they keep giving us the run around that they dont have to give it to him that they provided him one when he was in jail trying to fight this due to his lawyer not giving to flying flips... idk what more to do about this!!! what would you suggest that we do... he is limited to what jobs he can get due to the GPS he has had to have it replaced already 4 times and he has been out since the end of november of 2012... one time he had to have it replaced due to tthe tampering thing going off cuz it kept hitting his leg when he was walking!! any advice would help!!!!

Anonymous said... name is Maggie. I just recently 6 months ago found out my husband was molesting our grand daughter. I am 47 and my husband is 49. wow...very traumatic and life changing. I filed charges myself against him, had no choice. he was arrested in Feb,he admitted to everything....cant believe it! grand daughter is getting counseling I could not. Insurance wouldnt cover it..anyway...lots of things changed since that day in Feb!I went from hating my husband to hating myself! I even found myself furious with my grand daughter.up and down like a roller coaster...I got put on anxiety medication because I couldnt sleep or eat. sought counseling at church for a bit. not long because I felt like a bother after a few months of bawling all the time. During this time I let my granddaughter go stay with her mother ( I had custody..Anyway....this month my husband got out on bail....what do I do? run straight to him a basket case.....what is wrong with me?????? I am going crazy....sneaking around so no body will know, and the guilt, my God the guilt is awful! I need some sort of help, I cant continue like this. Thanks for listening.. my email is

Anonymous said...

I am engaged to a wonderful kind loving man He is a model inmate and human being I am 50 years old with two masters degrees,and was married to a ex police corrections officer for 20 years you verbally and physically assaulted me. My Fiance, was given a plea deal of 1-3 for being with his brother: as his brother committed a sex act on a minor ,His brother is locked up for life Thank God but a unsympathetic judge gave him 15 years .I will be married in 5b months and he will be home in 14 months,Still I am afraid of probation and society,Im glad this site is here.I wish we could get more proactive .In America you can kill someone and do seven years but let one person try to frame you and your doing 15 to life.

Anonymous said...

hi maggie, i found out that my husband was molesting my daughter for over ten years; i know exactly how you feel