Monday, October 6, 2008


I had gotten a e-mail from a couple of people concerning Halloween. Since we haven't received anything as of yet, I googled it. I don't know what the state's plan is for this year but last year...
1) A "NO Candy" sign had to be posted on your door
2) Porch lights had to be OFF
3) Absolutely NO Halloween decorations
4) Could not leave the house during the hours of "Trick or Treat"
5) If you had to go to work...could not travel roads that go by streets where kids go trick or treating
6) Police/sheriff dept will be knocking on doors to see if you're compliant.
7) OH...and you can't have your ownHalloween party with family and friends

The person who wrote the e-mail said to contact your state's ACLU if you are having problems with this.

This really SUCKS!!! I love to decorate for the Holidays...any holiday. This is going a little bit too far....I can see turning the porch lights off...everyone knows..NO LIGHT NO CANDY. But to be made to not put up decorations, to post a "NO Candy" sign like a scarlett letter announcing to everyone that you are a sex offender, can't leave the house and can't have your own party....Come on...that's against my civil rights. If I want to have a party and invite family and friends (who know you are a sex offender in the first place) why can't I? If we want to decorate...what's the harm? Can't even have a pumpkin out...CRAZY!!!!!

Has anyone gotten a letter like this yet for this year? Care to share your experiences for last year?? I heard some P.O.'s went so far as had a meeting during trick or treat hours for all their parolees to attend..just so they would know where they are and make sure they were off the streets.


matthew said...

Wow Dee, California doesn't have anything like that now, at least as far as I know. California used to be one of the toughest states on RSOs until the adam walsh crap spread around alot of the other states, and now, since California hasn't YET adopted any of the adam walsh BS, now, before they do, Cali seems to be MUCH more lenient compared to many other states that HAVE adopted it. I Live in a neighborhood where there are no trick or treaters, driveways too long and can't see the houses, so I never worried about any of that. You so certainly right though, about not being able to have a party!! That's crazy, and it's amazing they think that it's ok to force upon us....

carl said...

as far as i know if you are still on probation or parolle you have to follow restictions like u described, but not once your off probation

Dee said...

All RSO's must abide by these Halloween restrictions whether they are still on probation/parole or not.

Lisa said...

Hello, I am a new reader and so glad that I came across your blog. I just wish I would have found it three years ago when my husband and I got married. Before my husband got off probation our halloweens were the same as yours: lights off, can't go out, basically do nothing but sit in the dark and hide. My husband is off of probation but still has to register as a sex offender. Your blog has inspired me to write my own blog; we want to start a family and I am trying to find out all the legal aspects and to find out if we could ever adopt a child.