Sunday, October 12, 2008

Calling All Advocates For Sex Offender Justice

I recently e-mailed all the senators and other government officials, including the president, the letter below. Please take a few minutes to do the same. It concerns the KIDS Act bill that would require all sex offenders to register their e-mail address, their computers etc. It will also mean, that every time you go on a site from your computer that you will be flagged as being a sex offender. How unjust is that. AND it will cost millions to billions of dollars to set in place. Money to be paid by tax payers. With our economy the way it you have extra money to put out for another witch hunt??

We do not approve the passage of this law. It is just another example of the witch hunt out there targeting all sex offenders. They are all grouped together and the public assumes that they all are child predators. What about the one's who are not? What about the one's who were wrongfully convicted and are just trying to get their case back into court? What about the wives, children and family of the sex offender who use the same computer? Are they going to cause more harm to their family member just because they are using that computer?? It was passed in just a few minutes, late at night by 4 people. How suspicious is that? Our ECONOMY should be your TOP PRIORITY not passing bills that will mean millions to billions of dollars being spent to target one group of offenders.

Sandra Kennedy
MD Citizens For Sex Offender Justice
State Organizer
Reform Sex Offender Laws Org.

Feel free to copy and paste my letter to save some time....


Dee said...

Sorry...was typing too fast and didn't take the time to read and correct...despite the typos..I'm sure you know what I mean...

MSLGWCEO said...

The letter is posted in it's entirety at

With your permission, I will correct the spelling.

Dee said...

Yes please correct the spelling!!! Thanks