Monday, December 13, 2010

My life: Update of Us

I want to thank everyone for their comments. I know I have been neglecting my blog but things have gone from bad to worse. Between my back injury and the new Sex offender laws, I have been so depressed, I have not felt like writing. My husband still has the same Ass hole for a PO and he has gotten more retalitory. Always calling the Sheriff's office in an attempt to get them to arrest Michael. I was harassed my a MD state trooper. Now, my husband's parole hearing will be coming up in Jan. 2011. I have no hope that they will take Michael off supervised parole although between the 20 years he spent in prison and the 10 years of supervised parole equals his initial mandatory sentence of 30 years. (You only get credit for "street time" if you are arrested and facing more prison time. WTF?) My husband has been working as a CDL driver for this one company for the past 3 years. Now, they are closing that facility as of Feb. 1, 2011. These days there are NO JOBS. And with the new RSO laws, plus his PO changing the conditions of his parole every time the mood stikes.....He will be unable to get another job. I work 10 hours a week due to my back injury. (Thanks to worker's comp, I have suffered a $50,000/yr loss of income)

So that's my story update. Please continue reading and writing to me. We all need to feel some kind of support.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I will try to write more regulary in the future!


adamwalshact said...

I am so sorry to hear of your situation.
Normal people, healthy, no felony are out of work.. much less those who are branded as lepers...
OMG, you need GOD protecting you.. I hope HE is with you...
I can be a friend,
I am
Citizens for Change, America

If you have not already, come do what is asked below.


If anyone you love has had their life train-wrecked by the Public Sex Offender Registry. If you are sick of being shamed, humiliated, degraded and banished from society by the in sanity of the public sex offender registry.. If you cannot afford an attorney to fight for your rights.. at least make an effort to say YOU WILL NOT STAND TO BE HUMILIATED AND DEGRADED LIKE THIS.
Sign this petition.. We will send this petition to Washington... Your Voice can be heard.
You can sign the petition and click the checkbox to allow your signature to remain hidden from public view, if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

how about the children who are humilated and degrated because of the offender?
where is their voice?


Dee said...


I'm very soory you are a very gullible person who believes every bill that they put in front of you will keep you and your children safe. You ask about the do realize the almost 90% of the children who are sexually abused is done so by a brother, father, uncle, neighbor or close family friend or another member of the family? The registry does not guarantee safety nor does the GPS program. Just another feel good law to guarantee you vote the politician who supports that bill back into office next election. Are you not getting tired of giving your hard earned money to poorly thought out laws? Ready my new blog about house bill 594 and the comments after. Get educated. Parents need to teach and talk to their children without relying on someone else to keep them safe.

Anonymous said...

what about these sex offences with minors who know better, (im talking 14 and up). myself and my 5 children are harrassed regularly because my husband made a VERY poor choice and allowed our babysitter to suduce him orally after showing her breast, and being very seductive when my husband and I were going through a rough time in our marriage! She knew all of this and used it to her advantage. her mother and I were friends! so to anonymous, should me and my 5 babies pay, because my husband broke a law with a minor who knew what the heck she was doing? i believe in protecting children! but teens who are sexually on the rise with no morals should not be allowed to ruin lives either. she is, and i know for a fact, out having full sexual intercourse with other adult males and laughs to her friends about what she has done to my family...yes, she has a voice alright, and BOTH of their actions have ruined my families life forever, and she walked with no consequence herself. something to think about..FYI, she still harrasses us constantly because she is a poor victim!

Honesty101 said...

Yes theres a lot of confusion, and wjat not, but we must take action on one thing at a time. This topic is the registry. What I have researched a understood about the registry is that it has been and continues to rain havic on these human beings(mostly first time offenders) who have been convicted of a sex offense. Some as young as 10 years old(look up Texas sex offenders) it's sad what America is doing to its youth. This needs to stop. Come on!...e-mail me if you want to talk,

Honesty101 said...

You need to look at it from both sides, it would do you some good. For your own sake think before you speak, however, it's good to know that you searched for a site like this, for whatever reason is of your own. If it was just to put in your 2 cents ok well done, nowbe gone!.. or for a reaction, i'm the reactor. But if you would like to be educated, well then ask away...

teresa bowen said...

The first thing that I want to say is that, love your wife as you love your self!

Many under-age violated the law such as rape, killing and other crimes in our country. But to my knowledge, under-age people will not be imprison and that's the reason that they are not afraid to commit crime.

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