Saturday, December 13, 2008

No Christmas This Year

My husband and I have decided we are not having Christmas this year. With my back injury and worker's comp not getting off any $$$ yet, we are way behind in bills and there is nothing left over. This will be the first year in all my 48 years that there will be no Christmas tree, no decorations, no nothing. With today's economy, how can anyone afford Christmas? What if you spent all that money on Christmas, and then the day after, you get laid off from work?

New development with my husband's ass hole of a probation officer. It wasn't enough that he forced my husband to register against Maryland State law once, now he had to go and register in a different county, the county that he works in. There is no such requirement in Maryland saying you must register in multiple counties. Why do such people as his p.o. be allowed to remain in their position. Oh...I forgot to mention, when my husband went to re-register with the Sheriff, was when he found out that he had to register that very day in the other county. Nothing from his P.O. If my husband hadn't gone in early to re-register for his 6 month requirement, he would have known nothing about having to re-register and his P.O. would have violated him and sent him back to jail. I, also need to mention that the Lt. who is in charge of the registration, also thinks this PO is an ass hole. He also told my husband that this PO told him "I would really love to violate this guy!" Bascially, he means..."Get me something on him so I can violate him and put his ass back into prison." Thank God the Lt. is a very fair person whose only requirement his that his registrants abide by the rules of the registration.

New development with my daughter. Her ex found out where her safe room was so we had to move her to another location. It is really sad that he remains free while she remains locked up with her fears. She had to change her cell phone number because she was getting hundreds of blocked phone calls a day. The justice system does not work in favor for the victims. They do not protect the victims or even give them hope. With his past history of assaulting women, he should have never been allowed to post bail. Not only is he harassing my daughter, he tried to run my husband off the road. And every so often, I still see a car parked across the street with their bright lights trained on my house. When my husband is at work, I go to bed at night with a baseball bat, a can of hair spray and a lighter. I figure if he does break in, he has to go through my 115 pound Belgium Shepherd. If he succeeds in getting by those big fangs, then I am going to have a surprise waiting for him. And believe me, I will not hesitate to do what I have to do to keep him from getting his hands on me.

My husband's annual parole termination hearing is this month. We know that the chance of him getting off supervised parole is slim to none, since his PO said it would never happen, but still we try. He's been appointed a new federal public defender. A young guy who was a very aggressive trial lawyer from New York. So while our chances are slim, the hearing should prove to be very interesting.

I think I've caught you up to date with my news. Don't forget to check out my interview. The site is posted in my previous blog. She did include a little about my husband's story on a side the interview was a success. (Just be warned...the picture of me is terrible. They wanted my serious

So, in closing, How have you all been? Thanks to those who have continued to read my blogs and left me comments. I publish all comments, favorable or not. After all, this is supposedly a free country where you are entitled to your own pinion.

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